Toronto Hydro Corporation Overview 


Toronto Hydro Corporation (the Corporation) is a holding company which wholly-owns two subsidiaries:

  • Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited – which distributes electricity and engages in conservation and demand management (CDM) activities

  • Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. – which provides street lighting and expressway lighting services in the city of Toronto




  • Supervises the operations of its subsidiaries

  • Provides corporate, management services and strategic direction to its subsidiaries


2016 Achievements

  • Invested $551.7 million primarily in the renewal of aging infrastructure to address service reliability, safety and customer service requirements

  • Raised $800,000 through our partners and sponsors at the company’s third annual golf tournament in support of the Ross Tilley Burn Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Raised more than $144,000 for United Way Toronto and York Region and was recognized with a United Way Spirit Award

  • On June 14, 2016, the Corporation issued $200.0 million of 2.52% senior unsecured debentures at a price of $999.84 per $1,000 principal amount due August 25, 2026

  • As at December 31, 2016, the debentures issued under the Corporation’s medium-term note program were rated “A” by DBRS Limited and “A” by Standard & Poor’s. The commercial paper issued under the Corporation’s commercial paper program was rated “R-1 (low)” by DBRS Limited


2017 Objectives

The Corporation aims to:

  • Provide customers value for money

  • Maintain an engaged, safe and healthy workforce that meets changing business requirements

  • Improve reliability through optimal and sustainable system management

  • Meet the financial objectives of its Shareholder

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