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Help to find and fund capital projects

The Process & Systems program can help you can make smart capital investments for your business, with incentives and expertise to identify, implement and maintain savings.

Large-scale projects bring big benefits

  • Modernize key operating systems to increase productivity, reliability and profit
  • Get the resources you need to execute major energy-efficiency projects from start to finish
  • Upgrades drive down costs, giving your facility a competitive advantage

Who qualifies?

The Process & Systems program is ideal for larger customers with complex operations, where energy-efficiency improvements may not be as simple as basic retrofit projects:

Industrial facilities

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities

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Colleges and Universities

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Large commercial buildings

Incentives to tackle capital projects

Engineering Studies

Evaluate opportunities with engineering studies

  • Preliminary Study – 100% funding (up to $10,000) to identify savings opportunities in key systems or processes
  • Detailed Study – 100% funding (up to $50,000) to help build a case for capital investment opportunities that have already been identified
Capital Incentives

Get capital incentives for major upgrades

Small Capital Incentive

  • For projects less than $1 million, get the lessor of $200 per MWh of annual electricity savings or up to 70% of project costs
  • Subject to measurement and verification (M&V) for evaluating project performance over 1 year
  • Project must provide annual electricity savings greater than 100 MWh

Project Capital Incentive

  • For projects greater than $1 million, get the lesser of up to 70% of project costs or $200/MWh of annual electricity savings
  • Subject to measurement and verification (M&V) for evaluating project performance over 10 years
  • Project must provide annual electricity savings greater than 350 MWh

Capital incentive applications must be supported by an engineering study

Monitoring and Targeting

Get funding for monitoring & targeting (M&T)

  • See how and where energy is being used, set targets and measure results, all in real time
  • Get funding up to 80% (up to $75,000) to implement an M&T system
  • Eligible customers must:
    • Have a dedicated energy manager to manage the M&T system
    • Demonstrate 0.2 MW in peak demand savings by the end of the second year of operation and 200 kW x Facility Load Factor x 8,760 hours in energy savings
    • Commit to implement projects with less than one-year payback periods
    • Agree to provide annual reports of all energy-saving initiatives stemming from M&T for five years

Learn more about Monitoring & Targeting >

Energy Manager

Hire a dedicated energy manager

Part-time project consultant

  • Get access to a FREE project consultant to do a site walk-through and identify your facility's opportunities

Full-time energy manager

  • Get up to 80% of the actual salary and reasonable expenses for an Embedded Energy Manager (EEM)
  • To qualify, the EEM must be hired by your company and:
    • Generate annual minimum targets of 300 kW of peak demand savings and annual energy savings of 300 kW x Facility Load Factor x 8,760 hours
    • Enroll in energy management related training programs
    • Develop an energy management plan and provide quarterly reporting
  • Your company must also commit to implementing projects with a payback of one year or less

Multi-site customer energy manager

  • Hire a dedicated energy manager to streamline projects and incentive applications through one point of contact
  • Get $40,000 annually up to a total of $150,000
  • For customers with:
    • Facilities in five or more LDC service areas.
    • Combined peak demand of 15 MW or annual electricity consumption of 75,000 MWh across facilities
  • The energy manager must meet annual energy savings of 2,000 MWh, with $40 paid for every MWh saved

See how other customers have saved – ABC Group

ABC Group
Total annual electricity savings $764,759
Incentive $803,827

ABC Group upgraded their facility with the help of a no-cost Toronto Hydro Project Consultant. To-date, the company has completed 14 energy-saving projects and six detailed engineering studies.

Read the full case study >

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