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Toronto Hydro is teaming up with City of Toronto Community Crisis Response Program, Toronto Community Housing, Toronto Police Services and local volunteers to help make neighbourhoods in Toronto safer – with the help of a light bulb!


Lighting At-Risk Neighbourhoods

The objective of the Brighter Nights program, formally known as Light the Night, is to brighten neighbourhoods and help make them safer by installing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and encouraging residents to leave them on overnight.
This community outreach program aligns safety with energy efficiency by focusing on how valuable lighting can be to our communities.

Residents are encouraged to leave their new energy-efficient porch lights on between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. to increase safety in their community. CFL bulbs use 75 per cent less electricity* than standard incandescent bulbs and leaving them on at night, during off-peak hours, costs about a penny!

Since 2012, we have visited over 30 neighbourhoods for Brighter Nights events and replaced over 6,000 bulbs!

*Natural Resources Canada



 2015 Brighter Nights Schedule




Cataraqui/Leyton Community 

June 3

Firgrove Community

June 11

Dixington Community

August 6

Scarlettwood Community

 Stay tuned for more 2016 events!